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 Increasing workplace diversity and inclusion for a better world –

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Collective Diversity is a dedicated digital community and resource platform, bringing together the training, tools, and connections you need to build a high-performing, diverse and inclusive organisation.

Founder, Jessica Greville, is an HR dynamo with over 10 years’ executive management experience in the workplace diversity and inclusion space across Australia and New Zealand, in both the not for profit and professional services sectors. She founded Collective Diversity to make diversity and inclusion accessible to a wider range of organisations, enabling even the smallest businesses to build capability and access inspiration on an ongoing basis – and reap the rewards.


Everything you need – and nothing you don’t! – to reach your organisation’s maximum potential in the most affordable way. All content is simple, fresh, and easy to understand, with a step-by-step process guiding you through how to integrate it, achieve your organisation’s unique goals, and have fun along the way.

We’re not just about helping you increase workplace diversity and inclusion, we’re super pumped to help you leverage it for improved innovation, performance, and engagement. It’s all about future proofing your business.



Tools and Templates

Tonnes of practical tools and templates that you can easily integrate into your organisation, saving you loads of time and money.


Your own resource library chock-full of articles, interviews, videos, and guides. Each month, we upload new content based on what you’ve been asking for – so the content stays fresh and you keep learning.  


Publish your bio, promote your organisation’s D&I achievements, and interact with likeminded individuals to contribute and learn.

Daily Inspiration

Daily content to teach, motivate, and inspire you to keep going with your D&I journey!

Inclusion Fusion

A whole section dedicated to belonging and making your workplace more inclusive. Chock-a-block with ideas, activities, and information to get you on your way to a more inclusive workplace today.



It really is simple – A Diverse and Inclusive World. We envisage a world in which people can truly contribute their authentic selves, and where we value, appreciate, and grow from our differences.



  • Impact: Help organisations become more diverse and inclusive, so that long-lasting positive change will happen in the world around them.

  • Inspire: Spark inspiration to be more diverse and inclusive, keeping the journey fresh, fun, and accessible to all.

  • Be Real: Continue to move forward, innovate, and improve – leveraging our passion to make lasting change.

  • Diversity: Embrace different ideas, strengths, interests, and backgrounds to make the collective stronger, better, and more innovative.

  • Inclusion: Be real, and encourage and respect others for being real.

All this for only $189 per month or $1889 annually!

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